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The 'Craftsy Moon' is coming on January 2022!

It will be a monthly 'HOW-TO' free tutorial of one of Zelyss' projects! Focused on showing you detailed process photos, techniques and tips+tricks of Zelyss' process, not shared on any other platform. Approaching something different every time and definitely very artistic! Don't miss it!!
First issue comes out on end of January '22!

  • Free Gift for all!!

    Click on the photo to download a free coloring page to color as you like!! You can share on your Instagram using the hashtag #zelysscolor to be featured on Zelyss' stories!!

    And if you prefer the print:

    Just click on the colored version on the right!

  • Zelyss' 3rd solo show on April 2, 2022!

    Proud to present you the 3rd solo show of Zelyss, and second solo show with Curio Art Gallery (former 'Penumbra') in Portugal! The show is a tribute to our all times favorite Alice in Wonderland!
    Stay tuned on Zelyss' social media for sneak peeks of the works in progress!
    And did you catch the name of the show? No? 'Go ask Alice!' 🤗

  • and @Zelyss.dollies visit Belgium!!

    How much excitement can fit inside a luggage? Can't wait to meet our dolly friends and share our love for toys, in one of the most picteresque locations of Belgium! Brugge!
    Come and see us too! Tickets can be found at

  • The 2022 fun continues in Prague!

    This will be a dolly event like no other, hosted in a fantastic palace room in the gorgeous city of Prague! You seriously don't wanna miss it!!
    Tickets can be purchased at