Gallery shows


Gallery work - 2022

-Curio Art Gallery (former 'Penumbra' ), Portugal: 'Go Ask Alice!' SOLO show: April 2 - April 30 2022

-'Wonderland of Play', Brugge, Belgium: International Doll Collectors' event, June 4 2022

-'Play and Party', Prague, Czech Republic: International Doll Collectors' event, October 15 2022

Gallery work - 2021

-Modern Eden Gallery, USA: ' 'The Art of Art' Group show: August 14 - September 4

Gallery work - 2020

-Penumbra Gallery, Portugal: ' Low to Pop: Lore', group show Oct 31 - Nov 28

Gallery work - 2019

-Penumbra Gallery, Portugal: 'Sempiternal Mademoiselles', SOLO show Feb 15 - Mar 9

-Inverarity Gallery, UK: 'The Love Shack', group show

-'Blythecon Milano', Italy: International Group Doll Collectors' event, September 7

Gallery work - 2018

-Modern Eden Gallery, CA,USA: 'Animation Reimagined', group show April 14

-Penumbra Gallery, Portugal: 'Obra Prima', group show April 7

-La Bodega Gallery, CA, USA: 'Venus', group show Mar.10

-Inverarity Gallery, UK: 'Eye Spy', group show Mar.1

Gallery work - 2017

-La Bodega Gallery, CA, USA: 'Colored Pencil Show', group show Jan.7

-Alexi Era Gallery, OR, USA: 'Vanitas', Feb.3

-Penumbra Gallery, Portugal: 'A night at the movies', group show March 4

-Inverarity Gallery, UK : 'Salt & Sand', group show May

-'Maria Igglesi' Gallery, Mykonos, Greece: 'Red Thread Tied', SOLO show , July 11

-Birr Theatre & Arts' Centre, Ireland: 'Myth & Magic', group show July 27

-La Bodega Gallery, CA, USA: 'Perfect 10', group show, Sept. 23

Gallery work - 2016

-Penumbra Gallery, Portugal: 'The Dark One' group show Feb.16

-Alexi Era Kickstarter program: Apr.16

-Gristle Tattoo + Art Gallery, NY, USA: 'The Star Trek Show', group show Sept.2

-La Bodega Gallery, CA, USA: 'Little BIG Show', group show Sept.16

-East End Studio, TX, USA: 'Tim Burton Art Show', group show Oct.7

-Penumbra Gallery, Portugal: 'All Hallows Eve', group show Oct.16

-Alexi Era Gallery, OR, USA: 'Age of Decadence', group show Nov.4

-Alexi Era Gallery, OR, USA: 'Sketch Saturdays ', group show Nov.26

-Alexi Era Gallery, OR, USA: 'Untamed Fauna', group show Dec.16

-Alexi Era Gallery, OR, USA: 'Sketch Saturdays ', group show Dec.17