Hello dear friends, and welcome to my latest creation page!
What is art, other than a way for us to express ourselves, and a means to communicate to others our thoughts and steps in life? If you watch closely, you will surely be able to identify the artists' thoughts, feelings, experiences and curiosity on every piece they make!

The new year finds me refreshed, after a much needed break, and with my interests renewed: flaura and fauna have taken a new dimension before my eyes... In the past, I mostly focused on portraiture in the artworks I created. But in the last months, flowers, shrubs, trees and nature have become such a necessary source of breathing and getting lost into, that it was inevitable they would capture my artistic restlessness and demand me to create around them.

My newest painting is called 'The Rose' and it is combining:
-inspiration by nature
-vivid color and loose brushtrokes from the Impressionists and
-the roughness and time weareness of the al fresco tecnique.

I don't know how this new style looks to you (you can let me know in my socials), I personally love it!

So here it is then... Created with much care, love and patience as always.

Hope you love it too! And wherever you are, remember, take care of you!
Sending you much love,
xoxo - Zelyss

  • If you wish to bring this painting home with you, you can find it here:  

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