A vintage style painting… Wherever you are today and if spring is near or far for you, I hope you can admit that birds and flowers are a delightful and pleasing combination!

Our feathered friends are always so charming and carefree, so delicate and tiny…Their inquisitive and playful nature and intelligence makes them a lot like us, which makes us love them even more.

For my newest painting I chose a little sparrow, though I did not choose to make him as realistic as always. A bit of cartoonish style, combined with blue tones for his belly, seemed more appropriate to represent the playfulness of our little friend who landed on this piece.

Did you know that though many birds have distinct calls which stay the same year after year, our little sparrows can change their tunes?! It’s like you and me being able to sing in a different voice, how cool is that!!

None other more appropriate title came to mind than ‘The Sparrow’ for this little one! Using my all time favorite acrylics, I have combined bright color combinations from my beloved impressionists’ era which always inspires me, together with the roughness and time weariness of a picture painted on a wall.

And as one of my favorite impressionists used to say:

“I would like to paint the way a bird sings.” — Claude Monet

Remember, take care of you!
See you soon,
xoxo – Zelyss

If you wish to bring this painting home with you, you can find it here:  

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