Hello dear friends!

Today I present you the ‘Redbreast Robin’! My inspiration came from a sketch I found in the biodiversitylibrary.org database. You know I have much love and admiration for birds by now, and when I came across the Red Robin illustration that you can find below, I felt a curiosity on how the watercolor painting would look when painted in acrylics. Grabbing my paints and a canvas board was made without thinking, and before realizing it, I was holding in my hands my finished little version of this incredibly cute bird.

The distinctive orange breast of this little fellow contributed to naming it “redbreast”, since orange as a colour name was unknown in English until the 16th century, by which time the fruit had been introduced. This is actually the European robin (Erithacus rubecula), and it is a small insectivorous passerine bird that is found across Europe, east to Western Siberia and south to North Africa (a little trivia from wikipedia).

I guess together with ‘The Sparrow’ they make a nice duo. The technique I used is pretty much the same, only here I added some gold leaf around the edges, which is giving it a more luxurious touch, don’t you think? Who knows, perhaps we’ll end up with a collection in the end!

If you have any favorite birdies that have something distinctive about them (actually most of them do, but…you know), take a visit at any of my social accounts and leave a comment. You might see your idea coming to life. I know I’ll be thrilled to get inspiration to paint another feathered friend!

Till the next creation pops up here, make sure to remember: take care of you!
See you soon,
xoxo – Zelyss

If you wish to bring this painting home with you, you can find it here:  

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