Have you been having trouble with keeping your gingerbread houses uneaten and avoid temptation 😍? Or perhaps you like them too much and want to keep them around as a decoration a little longer? Well, we know well how this story goes in our home!

I’ve had a crush on gingerbread houses for quite a few years now, but every time I tried to make one, the icing was kind of a nightmare when trying to join the walls together. This, combined with my daughter eating all the candy off the roof on day 1, has kept me from making any recently.

This year I found the solution and created in my favorite papier mache technique, a tea light gingerbread house! It is quite sturdy (unless introduced to any sharp object of course) and can be used with battery lights only (not any real candles). But it’s exactly like the real thing and makes us want to eat it!

(We manage to abstain though and simply enjoy the view 😊)

There is glazing all over it (made out of self-made artist pastes) and it has cute windows in the front and sides. A cute gingerbread man and a nutcracker adorn the one door and window.

On the back there is an opening, where you can insert any battery operated light that you prefer. And voila! It is magically illuminated! Perfect for complementing all your lovely Christmas decorations!

I recently gave a class on a local workshop on how to make one, and my students made excellent creations!

My original (shown in all photos above) is available to adopt, and I am taking custom orders to make some more.

Hop over my shop (link below) and you can order yours 🦄! But just remember that due to holidays’ rush you might be receiving yours with the beginning of the New Year (you will be notified by email about the estimated delivery time of your order).

See you soon and enjoy all the wonderful preparations of December!



If you wish to bring a gingerbread home to live with you, you can find it here: 

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