Hello dear friends!

Just wanted to share with you my latest paper sculpture: a swan sleigh, which can serve as a very elegant item for all-year long and has two uses. You can either put inside the sleigh mini-chocolates or candies and treat your guests… Or simply have it on display, to adorn your favorite table of antiques and other vintage-looking items!

I have combined many paper techniques and materials and all my skills and knowledge, to create this beautiful decorative sculpture for you! It is a sturdy construction, but must be treated delicately. Since it is made of paper, it must stay away from water 😊

My inspiration for this has been my adoration for the ‘Swan Lake’, the ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky which I love to hear any month of the year… And of course my love for antiques and all things vintage. I have seen on Pinterest several photo references of swan sleighs made by artists in the past, and I simply fell in love. I hope you love the final result too and that it will inspire you to make a little treasure of your own!

Till next time we meet here, hope you all enjoy the Holiday season in any way that suits you best!



If you wish to bring the swan sleigh sculpture to live with you, you can find it here (please note that you will receive it in the beginning of the New Year) : 

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