Time to renew our whereabouts and let the fresh air inside! 

This month I have been inspired by dreams of walk in nature. My papier mache sculpture depicts a Duck in the form of a Duke, adorning a plaque that is ready to decorate your space and travel you in the eras of Kings and Royals! 

I don’t know about you, but my easiest way to get away is a walk outside. Whether it be a park, a beach, or a forest, it doesn’t matter. The fast-paced rhythm of our daily lives takes a pause when being surrounded by beautiful stillness. You should definitely try it!

My walks have brought about a need to paint some solitary landscapes, a theme I had never chosen in the past. I hope you like them! 

You can take a better look at my creations by visiting the link below. I hope you get inspired to create something of yours too! And if you wish to bring anything to your home, by subscribing to my monthly Newsletter you have your special coupon of 30% off on all new originals, to use for one week after receiving the Newsletter and while stocks last!

Thank you for taking the time to dive a bit into my world! I try to keep creativity in my life as a way to live more beautifully. Remember, it is not important how much we create, but to simply do it because it brings pleasure and peace to our hearts .

Take good care of yourself and see you soon!


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