Hello dear friends,
Hope I’m finding you well and healthy! 

It’s been a long time since a new completed painting of mine has reached your eyes, so I wanted to greet you for the first time again with something jolly. 

Peppermint Kitty is here for this purpose exactly. She is here to remind you, to never grow up. To enjoy being the unique, magnificent you, who dares to dream and play, no matter how serious the world is trying to make you.

To dress however you like, eat whatever you like, style your surroundings the way you like, because the better you take care of you, the better you can take care of anything you love.

My only wish is for you to be as happy as you want, and to simply admit exactly how happy you wish to be. It all goes up from there.

Thank you for being here today !

About my Newsletter special 30% discount

My Newsletter is finally real (I’ve said before, that one person’s land is another person’s mountain!) I have been fighting the idea of a Newsletter for all this time, simply because I don’t like ‘nudging’ on anyone and saying ‘come, here to see my art’. But it is a necessity nowadays and given the fact that you choose to receive it, I hope it gets to be something that you are excited to see and not otherwise.

However, since you are doing something special for me (and you are, love and attention are not to be taken for granted), I want to be doing something special for you as well. I will try to keep the Newsletter consistent, and arriving on a specific date (I’m thinking every 15th of the month) and including any new artwork I have available at that time. It might be 1 piece, it might be 2 or 3 or 4…

My gift to you, my special ‘giving back’ for your attention, will be a coupon offering you 30% OFF my originals, a special discount that only you will be getting access to (as a subscriber to my Newsletter), through a Coupon code and for one week after receiving it and while stock lasts. You will just have to be making sure to use the Coupon code on checkout, in order to apply your special discount.

Below are some closeup photos of my finished painting ‘Peppermint Kitty’.

She has found a home through my Newsletter Subscribers’ list and I sincerely thank you more than words!!

If you wish to subscribe to the Newsletter, here is the link for you:

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