A miniature silver frame habitat

Has it ever happened to you in one of the times of travelling, to come across a little special treasure? You pick it up, feel it has been waiting there for you and decide to take it home with you and keep for a moment of inspiration?

Days pass, months, year and the little keepsake remains untouched. Until one day, inspiration hits and voila! A new creation comes to life 😊!

This is what happened in this case. The little frame came to my possession while I was visiting the little souvenir shops close by a beautiful lake, in Ioannina, Greece. They make several items of silver there, and this little frame is no lacking in its silver quality!

As for the kitty, well, what can I say? She was just a little duchess waiting to happen 🌺

If you can choose to do something for yourself today, take a little walk. Visit a street you’ve never gone through before. Look around you for tiny treasures: a rock, a pine cone, or a dead leaf are excellent ideas. Then go home and wait. Till the moment they whisper to you how they want to be used. And if your little creation comes to life, share it with the world. What better to do than inspiring someone else, huh?

Till next time… hope love and laughter will come your way 🌸.

See you soon!



If you wish to bring this little creature home with you, you can find it here: 

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