The little paper-mache elephant

Ella is a paper-mache, mixed media, OOAK doll. She arrived out of the blue, as I was experimenting with paper and clay. Perhaps that’s what brought up her body color, because she chose it on her own. A little blue elephant. Those are rare 🙂

First, her little head came to be. And slowly, with a painfully long but delightful process, the rest of her came to life. With no specific idea in mind. Just joy…!

What can I say? It was love at first site.

She’s about to have several brothers and sisters, cause she brings me such joy to look at.

And that’s what art should be doing to you. Make you complete in some way.

Hope you find your sweet inspiration today, that will bring light and a smile to you 🦄!

Till next time…



If you wish to bring this little creature home with you, you can find it here: 

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