Every October, the art community comes alive…! It’s a magical time.

The world we live in, does not make it easy to be an artist. And I don’t mean just professionally. There are a lot of obligations and a lot of distractions. Time seems to be running faster than ever, and taking personal time off everything, often seems… selfish.

But… in October, things change. Perhaps it is because of fall and change of season. Summer goes away and right before the winter comes and the holidays frenzy begins, there is a small gap where we allow ourselves a bit of ‘meditation’ time. We then grab our pencils, brushes, dolls or whatever we like to create in, and join the world into the big art feast that is called ‘Drawlloween’.

I’ve participated many times in the past, creating all the pieces that you see above. And so many more!

We all do it for the connection and the attention, and it’s such a good thing. It’s fascinating to see so many people creating at the same time. 🌷

And although at times it may seem that the traffic you get is minimal, and it’s all for nothing, believe me, that is not the case. Even if few people see and praise your work, it’s an accomplishment. But you know, you have to give in order to take, that’s the way it is with everything, that’s the way it is with art. Instead of seeing this as an opportunity to be seen, take it as an opportunity to see. Acknowledge others, praise their work, encourage them with a comment. It’s such a small gesture and yet. It brings happiness to people and what can be better than that?

A link for you here below, if you wanna browse and see all the wonderful creations I’m talking about:

Take care of you and all the wonderful people around you!

Smile and the world will smile back!



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